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What is a Horse Menage?

When it comes to the equestrian world, there is a lot of terminology that must be learned. Just focusing on the types of places people ride horses brings up a long list of options, and that’s not even mentioning all the different types of equestrian sports. If you’re just getting started in the world of equestrian riding, learning these terms can be a bit daunting at first, but luckily there are plenty of resources available online to help you out.

Among the most common terms in the what is a horse menage is arena, which describes a fenced in space that’s used for riding or competing. This is often indoors, but it can also be outdoors depending on where you live and what type of riding you’re doing. Arenas are generally rectangular, and they’re usually enclosed on all sides with fencing or other boundary material such as low-hanging chains or pruned shrubbery. You can use an arena for a variety of equestrian activities, including dressage, show jumping, or polo.

Another commonly heard term is field, which refers to an open plot of land that’s often used for grazing or turnout. A field can be used for a variety of purposes, from a simple arena space to a stadium where people watch a show jumping competition. A field is also where you’ll see a rodeo-style event such as a barrel race or bronc ride.

One important thing to note about the horse menage is that the surface you choose for the arena/menage will have a big impact on how well your horse performs. That’s why it’s so important to test different surfaces on your horse before making a final decision. You should try to test both soft and hard menage surfaces, as these will have different effects on your horse’s hoofs and gaits.

The best menage surface for an arena or stall floor is a widely graded crushed stone, meaning that it has angular particle sizes that range from very small to the largest size you specify (usually no larger than 1/4 inch; any bigger can bruise a horse’s hoof). It needs to be settled and rolled to ensure it can’t move below the top surface with the weight of a horse walking on it.

Many equestrians prefer to ride in an outdoor field, or on a large dirt or grass oval called a track. This is most commonly seen in the sport of racing, whether it’s a traditional flat race or a steeplechase. A polo field, which is used to play a fast-paced team sport, is typically a large grass oval as well.

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